Oct 09

Travel Tuesday: Sunsets and Beaches of the Philippines

When I was trying to decide what to share this week for Travel Tuesday I knew I wanted to talk about my trip to the Philippines last year, but where to begin? There are so many stories… Like the night we slept on a beach as the only inhabitants on a tiny island; or the night we were flying through the ocean in a tiny fishing boat with no lights and a couple of drunk Philippinos captaining the boat, with bioluminescence trailing behind us like a Disney movie; or the day we watched the process of a pig go from an oinking Wilbur to dinner on the table; or the time we almost got stranded on a desert island because a sudden storm blew in…

Fishing boat in the Philippines

All of these experiences warrant individual posts, and you can look forward to future stories about my time in the Philippines, but as I browsed through my photos, one thing that stood out was the many stunning sunsets I captured. These were before the days of having a fancy camera or knowledge of how to frame a photo according to the “rules of photography”, but either way they’re still pretty incredible.  So instead of overloading you with more stories of my ridiculous life as of late, let’s hop out of the cubicle for a moment and satisfy some visual wanderlust, pretending we’re back on these warm, tropical islands without a care in the world and enjoying these sunsets and beaches of the Philippines.

Sunset on a Philippines island
Sunset on a Philippines islandSunset in the PhilippinesSunset in the PhilippinesSunset in the Philippines

Sunset in the PhilippinesOf course, the views were pretty amazing during the day, as well…

Beach in the Philippines

Philippines Island

Philippines Island


Philippines Island

Philippines Island

 Which is your favorite photo? Are you dreaming of a particular beach destination getaway right now? Leave me a comment, I love to hear from you!


  • Maddy

    You’ve convinced me 🙂 … added onto my “travel” list! I love the soft pink and blue sunset pics, beautiful!

    • Oh good, thanks! You can make it your honeymoon #2 destination! 😉