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Jan 29

{Photo Essay} The Santa Barbara Mission

I woke up on Sunday with my ears ringing and my head clouded. While it was more likely a severe case of “I celebrated too much last night and there are pictures of me drinking wine straight out of the bottle because I’m a classy lady like that”, I’m going to chalk it up to …

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Jan 15

The Pre-Korea Food Fest of 2013

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week in facebook group chats with the other teachers heading to Korea soon, and someone recently posted a story of how one guy arrived in Korea only to be sent home because he weighed 30lbs more than he listed on his application. Questionable veracity or not, this …

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Nov 04

The Painted Cabernet: Getting classy drunk with a paintbrush

I am no artist. My drawing skills are so heinous that I used to ask my little sister do my posters for school presentations. I tried to take an art class once, but when I proudly displayed my moon-over-the-ocean landscape that more resembled a Moon-Over-My Hammy breakfast plate, the teacher just patted me on the …

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Oct 14

7 Things I Love About My Commute

Desk jobs have a tendency to make you feel fat. Well, actually, they have a tendency to make you fat, which in turn makes you feel fat. It’s a vicious cycle. Recently, however, I decided to put an end to all this fatness business and be all hip and trendy with a “standing desk”. I …

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Aug 15

A Local’s Guide to the Perfect Sunday in Santa Barbara

My skin is sun drenched and my brain is fuzzy with blissful exhaustion. I’m not on vacation, I’m not on some remote tropical island, I’m not even celebrating anything–today was just another Sunday afternoon here in Santa Barbara. And yet, it was perfect. It never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am to live …

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