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Nov 08

Ridiculous Moments From My Day

I awoke to a message from my neighbor downstairs asking if I’d heard the people I share a wall with at 2am. Apparently they had an all out brawl for two hours with screaming, banging, throwing things, and a crying baby. Eventually the police were called. I slept through it all. Let’s hope North Korea …

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Nov 06

The 100 Day Countdown

Koreans tend to celebrate anniversaries and countdowns in days, not months and years. A couple will celebrate their 100 day anniversary (and if they make it that far, it’s considered a pretty big deal), and later their 300 day, 500 day, etc.   Yesterday was a momentous occasion for me if I were to use …

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Oct 06

A Goodbye Letter To My Passport

Dear Passport, Do you remember when you arrived almost ten years ago? I was so excited to see you… until I actually saw you. God, you were ugly. Not really all of you, but that photo! What on earth happened to the photo?! I sent in a perfectly decent photo and somehow you came back …

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Sep 05

State of Affairs: An Update on my Life (Sept 2014)

Although I’m overflowing with stories and photos from Borneo that I can’t wait to share with the world, it occurred to me that I haven’t had a personal post in a while to give an update on my life. Oh sure, I went on an incredible vacation, and I’ve been busy having weekend adventures too, …

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Jul 23

Musings on Turning 28 AKA What Am I Doing With My Life

I recently found myself at work focusing on my job  browsing the interwebs and came across a film critic’s list of great 30 under 30 actors and performers. I scanned the list, and noticed how many shared my age: Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Lena Dunham, Lana Del Rey, Drake,  and Megan Fox are all 28. …

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Mar 09

Why I Stayed at the School That Makes Me Cry, But I’m Glad

I may have bit off a little more than I can chew. Last week the kids in Korea started their new school year and it was a hectic week, indeed. Along with a new term I also started a side job, had meetings and events for the two nonprofit organizations I’m a part of in …

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Feb 16

What It’s Like to Visit Home After a Year Abroad

As I leaned my heavy head on the glass window, the dry and weathered countryside streaming past, the effects of the extra strong IPA, two days of travel, and jet lag pressed down upon my eyelids with urgency while I struggled to keep them lifted. I was home. As my dad drove us through the rolling …

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Jan 29

Cleaning Up the Mess from “Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels”

I’ve lost track of who even started it, but somewhere along the way the internet became overrun with a series of sappy and cliche articles about whether or not to date boys and girls who travel.  A couple of friends recently sent me the latest post titled “Don’t date a girl who travels”, because it …

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Jan 07

The Story of a Letter and the Kindness of a Stranger

I love mail.   I still remember the excitement that the mailbox brought to birthday season. On a warm summer morning, birds chirping lazily from the branches while bees darted busily from the fragrant jasmine bushes by the windows to the vibrant purple honeysuckle blossoms that lined the walkway, I would hear the squeak of …

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Jan 03

My Accidental Resolutions for 2014

No one ever keeps their resolutions so why bother making them, right? That was my mentality up until recently. When friends asked me about my resolutions I shrugged it off, explaining that I’d given up on trying because it was a lost cause. I mean, we all know how crowded the gym is in January …

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Dec 30

2013 In Review: One Wild Year

It’s incredible how quickly a year can pass. And the older I get the faster it seems to go. What’s up with that?! Yesterday I told of my “most ridiculous moments in 2013” because, let’s be honest, my life can be a bit strange at times. But I also wanted to do a more typical …

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Oct 21

Lessons from Dragonflies

Yesterday, a dragonfly flew through the window into my classroom.   I’ve always liked dragonflies and thought of them as sort of mystical creatures, so I didn’t understand why my entire classroom of 30 students erupted into hysteria at its appearance. As it buzzed across the ceiling, occasionally dipping down near students’ heads, the girls …

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