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Mar 24

Green Beer and Colored Paint: A Festive Weekend in Busan

“Let me get this straight,” my friend said skeptically into the phone. “You live in Korea, but this weekend you’re celebrating an Irish holiday and going to an Indian festival?” Well, when she put it like that I realized it did sound a little funny…   The homogeneity of Korea doesn’t usually lend itself to …

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Jan 15

The Pre-Korea Food Fest of 2013

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week in facebook group chats with the other teachers heading to Korea soon, and someone recently posted a story of how one guy arrived in Korea only to be sent home because he weighed 30lbs more than he listed on his application. Questionable veracity or not, this …

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Dec 09

Prioritizing Priorities: An apology and explanation

If you’re a consistent reader of Kaleena’s Kaleidoscope (giant Heimlich squeezing hug of thanks to you!) you may have noticed I’ve been mysteriously… absent lately, cropping up periodically only to post half-inspired little ditties and photos. I have been violating the first gospel of blogging, which is posting consistently and frequently. So smite me down, …

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Oct 16

Travel Tuesday: The Perfect Vacation Day

On days like today when I am frustrated, tired, and wondering what really is the point of life if it’s going to be such drudgery, I find myself drifting off into my travel memories of warm beaches, mountainous vistas, urban sparkles, and quiet desert solitude. I have a handful of experiences that I mentally keep …

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Oct 14

7 Things I Love About My Commute

Desk jobs have a tendency to make you feel fat. Well, actually, they have a tendency to make you fat, which in turn makes you feel fat. It’s a vicious cycle. Recently, however, I decided to put an end to all this fatness business and be all hip and trendy with a “standing desk”. I …

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Oct 03

On cake and life lessons

I sat at the kitchen table and sliced my fork through the leftover half of the double layer cake. Funfetti, mmm. A party in my mouth. To my right, a cup of frozen yogurt; to my left, a box of gourmet cupcakes. As I raised the fork to my mouth, I frowned and pondered aloud, …

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