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Apr 21

A Vietnam Food Tour: Photos To Make You Drool

I’ll be honest: My expectations for the food in Vietnam weren’t high. Although everyone had raved about it as an incredible place for foodies, my experience with the food had been limited to pho, the simple noodle soup dish that, while delicious, did not inspire in me a hope of brilliantly varied and spiced dishes. …

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Jan 26

The Chicken Feet Incident

Just another day in my Asian life.   I stopped at the chicken lady’s table in the market near my house and pointed to the raw chicken I wanted. I was going to make bone broth with the carcass and cook a delicious chicken noodle soup. The man held up a blade and seemed to …

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Mar 12

This Adventure Was Not My Cup of Tea

Despite the sweltering summer heat, my friend, Allie, and I spent a casual Sunday in June wandering to various sites around Daegu in a half-hearted bid to do something “cultural”. We meandered through the oriental medicine district near downtown and I suddenly had the bright idea that this would be a good area to find …

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Sep 11

The Expat Kitchen: Mushroom and Cheese Buckwheat Crepes

I have found love in Korea!   Alright, don’t actually get too excited, it’s not a man (or a woman, or a cat, or anything of the sort). People keep asking me about my love life in Korea and I have to tell them that I think I got more action in the 8th grade. …

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Jul 02

Cucina Kaleena: Cooking in an Expat’s Kitchen

In recent months I have sprained my ankle, burned my leg in the second degree, nearly chopped off the top of my thumb, and fallen down the stairs on more than one occasion. “A right walking disaster you are”, is how one friend described me. And it’s true, I really am my own greatest health …

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Apr 10

Food Porn: What I’ve Been Eating in Korea

A few months ago, the only thing I knew about Korean food was kimchi. And I didn’t even really know what kimchi was, only that it was pickled and pungent and I probably wouldn’t like it. I told everyone I would lose weight easily in Korea because I just wouldn’t be eating. How very, very …

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