May 08

Sh*t My Students Write

Kids say the darndest things; that’s a constant across cultures. But add a foreign language to the mix and the often twisted humor of Korean children, and they can cook up some really bizarre comments. I’ll save the funny things my kids say in class for another post, but for now I’ll share a few of the things they’ve written during assignments.


The Most Appropriate Use of “F**k” I’ve Seen So FarKorea student English assignment

In case you can’t read it, the sign in the bottom row says, “Gay Beach”. The stick figure on the left is saying, “F**k”.


It’s the Little Things in Life

Some people want to sky dive, some people want to climb the tallest mountain… This girl is keeping her bucket list simple. I mean, erasers are an important part of life!

Korea student English assignment


There’s Hope for Ugly People

Keep in mind, this was done by a 12 year old… It’s a bit disheartening actually, but still pretty funny.

Korea student English assignment


The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies really are going to take over the world, even the Koreans know it!
Korea student English assignment


I Have No Idea…

No comment… Korea student English assignment


Ladies and gentleman, I give you South Korean middle school students.