Nov 08

Hello From a Snoring Mountain Shelter

This is Kaleena, reporting to you live from the Korea Fart and Snore Bonanza 2014, Jirisan Mountain Edition. We spent 5 hours nonstop hiking a mountain today and arrived at the top to happily find a nice shelter with sleeping bunks. We’re currently in a small room of approximately 75 men, women, and children. Because Korea.

Because the shelter requires lights out and quiet at 8pm, and despite the fact that we actually climbed a mountain today, we can’t sleep. We are now trapped in a room heated to sauna-like temperatures while listening to the great cacophony of snores, grunts, mumbles, and unapologetic flatulence of our 75 Korean brethren. To be fair, I took a brief nap earlier and woke myself up with a loud snore. I hope to soon join the sleeping symphony and blare my trumpet loudly.


This post brought to you by the NaBloPoMo challenge so I can still say I’ve posted every day this month so far. Fun photos and stories of this adventure to come later, when I’m not camped out in the dark in a wooden bunk on top of a mountain.