Sep 11

The Expat Kitchen: Mushroom and Cheese Buckwheat Crepes

I have found love in Korea!


Alright, don’t actually get too excited, it’s not a man (or a woman, or a cat, or anything of the sort). People keep asking me about my love life in Korea and I have to tell them that I think I got more action in the 8th grade. And that’s not saying much considering I was still flat chested and watched Nickelodeon at that age (some people are just late bloomers, alright?).

Ariel pillow gif

Ok, let’s be honest, my one and only true love is my pillow

But I have always had a love affair with food, and I’ve found my latest beau: Buckwheat.


Ummm, that’s a strange name… is he a chef?


No (but that would be cool). Buckwheat is a food, and it’s as good as any man: it’s mysterious and surprising because it’s not a wheat at all, it’s actually made from seeds (so it’s gluten free!); it’s talented and versatile because it can be cooked in seed form, as a noodle (soba noodles are made from buckwheat), or ground into a flour; and, unlike that bad boy white wheat flour that tastes so good but never has your best interests in mind, buckwheat is incredibly nutritious and will make you feel like a natural woman (or man) with its healthy dose of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is a superfood and to top it all off–it’s delicious!

 Buckwheat flour crepes

I took my relationship with buckwheat to the next level with these divine and incredibly easy to make crepes. The ingredients can all be found in Korea (or in the US, depending where you’re reading from) and the crepes take no time at all to make. You do, however, want to make the batter in advance, chill it for a couple of hours or overnight, and then bring it to room temperature again before making the crepes. Don’t ask me why, that’s just what all the recipes say; who am I to question the crepe gods?

 Mushroom and cheese buckwheat crepes

The beautiful thing about crepes is how versatile they are. You can stuff them with savory ingredients like in this recipe, or make a breakfast or dessert out of them by filling them with fresh fruit, nutella, or whipped cream. Make a big batch at once and freeze them for up to 2 months, popping one in the toaster or microwave whenever you get the inkling.

Buckwheat crepes IMG_1568

So without further adieu, here is my recipe for Mushroom & Cheese Buckwheat Crepes!

*Also, my crepe recipe is inspired by this girl’s recipe. Her pictures are WAY prettier than mine, so have a look.

For the crepes:

Crepe ingredients

Crepe Instructions

For the Filling:

Mushroom crepe stuffing Ingredients

Mushroom filling instructions

To make the mushroom crepe

Don’t worry, if you have a few duds along the way, you’re not alone…

Mess up crepe

I also used almost the same recipe just  to make these delicious buckwheat pancakes! Just mix 1 cup buckwheat flour, 1 cup milk, a pack of stevia, 1 egg or flax egg, 1 tsp baking powder, and some chocolate chips and fry ’em up! I whipped up a batch as a late night snack for some friends and they are still drooling over them.

Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Pancakes

Enjoy, and let me know how your crepes turn out!