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Sep 05

State of Affairs: An Update on my Life (Sept 2014)

Although I’m overflowing with stories and photos from Borneo that I can’t wait to share with the world, it occurred to me that I haven’t had a personal post in a while to give an update on my life. Oh sure, I went on an incredible vacation, and I’ve been busy having weekend adventures too, …

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Sep 03

10 Things I Learned in My First 10 Days as a “Solo Female Backpacker”

I fought back the tears as I hugged Chelyn goodbye at the airport in Borneo and wished her a safe flight home. Not so much because I would miss her (though I would, of course) but because I now faced 10 days of travel in a third world country– as well as Singapore and peninsular …

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Aug 21

The Truth About Boryeong Mud Festival

Somehow I knew about the Boryeong Mud Festival, or more commonly referred to as Mudfest, before I even arrived in Korea. I’m not sure where I first learned of it; it was just the ubiquitous event that all expats in Korea raved about as THE party of the year. So, naturally, when summer rolled around …

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Jul 02

Weird Korea: Forced to Fake Vote in a Bamboo Theme Park

On my 25th birthday my (awesome) friends hung posters around my house saying the 25 things they loved about me. Along with phrases like, “She’s the only one I’d go to an Indian buffet and then try on spandex with” (because it really happened), one poster read, “You can meet the strangest people on the …

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Jun 22

A Korean Road Trip To Goeje and Namhae Islands

The 5am alarm obliterated my peaceful slumber, and the butterflies immediately fluttered in my stomach. Today was the day! My first Korean road trip. And I was somewhat terrified.   One of my best friends from home was visiting me in Korea for two weeks and I’d promised to give her a tour to some …

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Jun 15

Cats and Dresses: Korea’s Weird and Fun Cafes

I feel like I abandoned my baby in the woods and left it to be swallowed up by the vines of hungry vegetation. The baby being my blog, of course, and the forest being the metaphorical great internet abyss. My life has been so insanely busy lately that I sometimes wake up in the morning …

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Mar 09

Why I Stayed at the School That Makes Me Cry, But I’m Glad

I may have bit off a little more than I can chew. Last week the kids in Korea started their new school year and it was a hectic week, indeed. Along with a new term I also started a side job, had meetings and events for the two nonprofit organizations I’m a part of in …

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Jan 29

Cleaning Up the Mess from “Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels”

I’ve lost track of who even started it, but somewhere along the way the internet became overrun with a series of sappy and cliche articles about whether or not to date boys and girls who travel.  A couple of friends recently sent me the latest post titled “Don’t date a girl who travels”, because it …

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Jan 03

My Accidental Resolutions for 2014

No one ever keeps their resolutions so why bother making them, right? That was my mentality up until recently. When friends asked me about my resolutions I shrugged it off, explaining that I’d given up on trying because it was a lost cause. I mean, we all know how crowded the gym is in January …

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Dec 30

2013 In Review: One Wild Year

It’s incredible how quickly a year can pass. And the older I get the faster it seems to go. What’s up with that?! Yesterday I told of my “most ridiculous moments in 2013” because, let’s be honest, my life can be a bit strange at times. But I also wanted to do a more typical …

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Dec 29

My 13 Ridiculous Moments of 2013

I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but rather than Cupid shooting me through with an arrow of love, some other jokester angel must have sprinkled a dust on my head that has magnetized me to strange, awkward, and sometimes hilarious encounters. It is an ongoing phrase amongst my friends to say, “this …

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Dec 26

Making Our Own Holiday Spirit for Christmas in Korea

One of my best friends is a few months pregnant right now but I’d venture to say that my food baby is bigger than her real baby. The last week of Christmas festivities has impregnated me with a belly so full of butter and sugar that I wouldn’t be surprised if I sneezed and gave …

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