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Jan 30

Deskwarming: The World’s Most Dangerous Job

Mine remover. Firefighter. Lion tamer. Nuclear bomb builder. While those jobs all sound dangerous, nothing compares to the world’s most perilous job taking place right here in Korea. And I don’t mean being Kim Jong Un’s hair stylist. What could possibly be more life threatening, more harrowing, more death defying even than wrestling alligators and …

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Jan 26

The Chicken Feet Incident

Just another day in my Asian life.   I stopped at the chicken lady’s table in the market near my house and pointed to the raw chicken I wanted. I was going to make bone broth with the carcass and cook a delicious chicken noodle soup. The man held up a blade and seemed to …

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Dec 21

Are You Not Entertained?! Winning an Award at the KBlog Awards

You might be shocked to learn that I used to do pageants. It is, in fact, partially how I managed to graduate college debt free. One thing about pageants I noticed (aside from butt glue) is that when the girls won, they always managed to make that oh my gosh I’m SO surprised, but I …

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Dec 08

Confessions of a Single Girl Who Lives Alone

The beautiful thing about moving to Korea was that I could finally have my own place. Let’s face it, even with good jobs right out of college, most of us millennials can’t afford to live without roommates; unless we have a significant other to shack up with, we find ourselves sharing a roof with other …

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Nov 24

So I Had A Ridiculous Day

To make a nine hour story short, my car broke down at the top of a mountain and everything else that could possibly go wrong afterward did. It was all so unfortunate it was hilarious.   The day started at Beomeosa, a temple up a windy mountain road in Busan. We had stayed the night …

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Nov 08

Ridiculous Moments From My Day

I awoke to a message from my neighbor downstairs asking if I’d heard the people I share a wall with at 2am. Apparently they had an all out brawl for two hours with screaming, banging, throwing things, and a crying baby. Eventually the police were called. I slept through it all. Let’s hope North Korea …

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Nov 05

Adventures in Korean Skincare & My Favorite Product

  Before Korea, skincare was never on my radar. I know, it’s an absolute blasphemy, but I was lucky enough to have been born with decent skin and words like “maintenance” and “prevention” never really crossed my mind.   Then… dun dun dun… the wrinkles came.   I’m 28 years old, which is too damn …

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Nov 04

The Penis Pinata and other ways I fail at teaching

I am not a certified teacher. I took a weekend course, someone gave me an official-looking piece of paper, and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of a classroom of 30 students who didn’t speak my language, under the pretense that I would somehow educate them.   It’s been interesting, to …

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Jul 02

Weird Korea: Forced to Fake Vote in a Bamboo Theme Park

On my 25th birthday my (awesome) friends hung posters around my house saying the 25 things they loved about me. Along with phrases like, “She’s the only one I’d go to an Indian buffet and then try on spandex with” (because it really happened), one poster read, “You can meet the strangest people on the …

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Apr 09

Hitting the Slopes (and why I will probably never ski again)

Everyone raved about the ski trips in Korea. Having lived in California my whole life I don’t even know how to walk in snow, much less strap large boards to my feet and propel myself forward in snow. But I let my friends persuade me to give it a try and I figured after teaching …

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Mar 12

This Adventure Was Not My Cup of Tea

Despite the sweltering summer heat, my friend, Allie, and I spent a casual Sunday in June wandering to various sites around Daegu in a half-hearted bid to do something “cultural”. We meandered through the oriental medicine district near downtown and I suddenly had the bright idea that this would be a good area to find …

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Dec 29

My 13 Ridiculous Moments of 2013

I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but rather than Cupid shooting me through with an arrow of love, some other jokester angel must have sprinkled a dust on my head that has magnetized me to strange, awkward, and sometimes hilarious encounters. It is an ongoing phrase amongst my friends to say, “this …

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