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Jan 15

Back in Cali! Being a Tourist at the Golden Gate Bridge

I bounced my knees in excited anticipation. I tried to look out the windows, leaning both forward and backward to see around my neighbors, but I was seated in the center of the plane. I couldn’t see the skyline of the city I had watched disappear into the horizon eleven months ago, but blue skies …

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Aug 09

Purple Fingers and Golden Pastures: My Po-Dunk Paradise

When I finally pulled into my dad’s driveway after the exhausting but familiar eight hour drive, he was just returning home from the lawn mower races at the county fair. “Dang it, I missed them! How did Tim do?” “Oh, he was doing good at first, he had the lead until he threw a belt …

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Jun 19

Red Wine and White Water Rafting: An Epic Combination

I might as well come out and admit that I’m a bit of an online coupon whore. I’m sorry if it sounds a bit uncouth, but I can’t help myself–Groupon, Living Social, Travel Zoo– any time I see a good deal I just can’t help but take my panties off and wave them around in …

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