Jan 03

Review of 2016: One Wild Ride

Everyone knows 2016 was the “worst year ever” and we are witnessing the start of the apocalypse. But despite the celeb deaths and the captain of the lollipop guild we are now stuck with for 4 years, 2016 wasn’t entirely dire for me on a personal level. If anything, I’d say it’s been a year …

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Sep 01

Dream Come True: Swimming with Wild Dolphins in New Zealand

People often ask me where my favorite places are or what my best experience was while on my round-the-world trip. Let me be honest: I hate those kinds of questions. How can I narrow down 18 months of mind blowingly amazing and diverse experiences into a single sentence?! But the truth is there was one …

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Aug 11

What It’s Like to Travel in Albania

I know what you’re probably thinking: Albania?! Who goes to Albania? Where IS Albania? I thought the same thing, up until I found myself actually IN Albania. It turns out that while it’s not yet a bustling hub of tourism, the European country is an up and coming travel destination that’s already impressed a fair …

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Jul 11

The Reality of Volunteering at a Refugee Camp

I wish I could share with you all of the stories bursting from my head. I wish I could make you understand the energy and heartbreak that pulsates from a single rocky encampment in northern Greece. I wish that I didn’t have to want these things, that it weren’t real, that helpless tears didn’t drip …

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May 24

First Day Volunteering at a Refugee Camp in Greece

Butterflies danced. Not the beautiful ones fluttering around flowers—there were none of those to be found on this dusty, rock filled road—but the kind in my stomach to signal the nerves of a new beginning. We rounded the corner, a hand painted sign reading “Solidarity for Refugees” draped across a fence, and children darted from …

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Mar 31

The Real Reason I’m Traveling Africa Alone

Crammed into the plane with hardly an inch of personal space, tears streamed down my cheeks. Heading to a new continent, I knew I should be happy, excited, and eager for this new adventure. But the feelings were mixed and a bitterness rested on my tongue.   I never wanted to go to Africa alone. …

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Mar 11

A New Zealand Road Trip

Life threw me a curve ball when I suddenly had to change plans and relocate to Queenstown—but at least the curve was a scenic one. On a few days notice, Dave and I packed our gear into “Frankenstein,” the old van he’d been restoring, and set out to see some sights on our way through …

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Mar 10

Conquering Fears & Flying to Milford Sound

Considering I’ve traveled to 31 countries and only some of them via boat, it might surprise you that for the past few years I’ve dealt with serious plane anxiety. I sit in the chair staring out the window at the tarmac with sweaty palms and a racing heart, and as the plane takes off I’m …

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Jan 17

A Fashionably Late Review of 2015

I know, I know, it’s halfway into January and those new year resolutions are as far gone as that bag of cookies you I just demolished, but it didn’t seem fair to let 2015 pass without writing an ode to what was certainly the most exciting year of my life. I debated keeping with tradition …

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Nov 30

When Travel and Real Life Collide: A Story of Love, Chaos, & Change

There is a commonly held belief that long-term travel is not “real life.” After embarking on a round the world trip 10 months ago, I can’t count the number of people who have asked me when I’m going to return to “real life” or what my plans are when I come back to “reality.” It …

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Nov 08

Monthly Recap: October (AKA Couchsurfing Through Australia)

While friends back home were reveling in all things pumpkin and planning out their six Halloween costumes, I was finding Nemo and trying not to get eaten by things in Australia. On October 3 I finally left Indonesia; after two months in the country I was more than ready to leave, but it was emotional …

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Oct 26

Mother of Dragons: A Journey To Komodo Island

I do a lot of pretty crazy things: unusual, unorthodox, exciting, fun things. But occasionally I do something and then look back on it and think, whoa, that was actually REALLY crazy. My 4-day boat trip to Komodo Island, Indonesia was like that. To summarize, I spent four days on an old, old wooden ship …

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