Apr 09

Hitting the Slopes (and why I will probably never ski again)

Everyone raved about the ski trips in Korea. Having lived in California my whole life I don’t even know how to walk in snow, much less strap large boards to my feet and propel myself forward in snow. But I let my friends persuade me to give it a try and I figured after teaching …

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Apr 02

What I Wish I’d Known When I Was a Student, Now That I’m a Teacher

It’s Friday afternoon. The first week of spring has brought with it sunshine and warm weather, and a gentle breeze ruffles the classroom window shades. Children’s laughter and shouts drift up to me, but I’m more focused on the hushed voice murmuring in the corner. He stands in the library section of my classroom, clutching …

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Mar 26

My 30 Book Challenge (So I’m Allowed To Read): Round 1

Reading is a serious addiction for me. It’s kind of like eating cookies… once I start, I have a really, really hard time stopping. Because of that, I sometimes have to tell myself I’m not allowed to read at all, or else I won’t get anything done. This buzzfeed post basically sums me up (number …

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Mar 24

Green Beer and Colored Paint: A Festive Weekend in Busan

“Let me get this straight,” my friend said skeptically into the phone. “You live in Korea, but this weekend you’re celebrating an Irish holiday and going to an Indian festival?” Well, when she put it like that I realized it did sound a little funny…   The homogeneity of Korea doesn’t usually lend itself to …

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Mar 12

This Adventure Was Not My Cup of Tea

Despite the sweltering summer heat, my friend, Allie, and I spent a casual Sunday in June wandering to various sites around Daegu in a half-hearted bid to do something “cultural”. We meandered through the oriental medicine district near downtown and I suddenly had the bright idea that this would be a good area to find …

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Mar 09

Why I Stayed at the School That Makes Me Cry, But I’m Glad

I may have bit off a little more than I can chew. Last week the kids in Korea started their new school year and it was a hectic week, indeed. Along with a new term I also started a side job, had meetings and events for the two nonprofit organizations I’m a part of in …

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Feb 19

Falling in Love… Or Fish Tanks

When I began telling people back home that I was moving to Korea, there seemed to be an inevitable and predictable thought process for the listener: confusion (“wait, where?”); shock (“but, umm, why?!”); fear (“but isn’t North Korea trying to bomb them or something?”); and excitement (“oh it sounds like such an adventure!”). Then came …

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Feb 16

What It’s Like to Visit Home After a Year Abroad

As I leaned my heavy head on the glass window, the dry and weathered countryside streaming past, the effects of the extra strong IPA, two days of travel, and jet lag pressed down upon my eyelids with urgency while I struggled to keep them lifted. I was home. As my dad drove us through the rolling …

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Jan 29

Cleaning Up the Mess from “Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels”

I’ve lost track of who even started it, but somewhere along the way the internet became overrun with a series of sappy and cliche articles about whether or not to date boys and girls who travel.  A couple of friends recently sent me the latest post titled “Don’t date a girl who travels”, because it …

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Jan 15

Back in Cali! Being a Tourist at the Golden Gate Bridge

I bounced my knees in excited anticipation. I tried to look out the windows, leaning both forward and backward to see around my neighbors, but I was seated in the center of the plane. I couldn’t see the skyline of the city I had watched disappear into the horizon eleven months ago, but blue skies …

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Jan 07

The Story of a Letter and the Kindness of a Stranger

I love mail.   I still remember the excitement that the mailbox brought to birthday season. On a warm summer morning, birds chirping lazily from the branches while bees darted busily from the fragrant jasmine bushes by the windows to the vibrant purple honeysuckle blossoms that lined the walkway, I would hear the squeak of …

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Jan 03

My Accidental Resolutions for 2014

No one ever keeps their resolutions so why bother making them, right? That was my mentality up until recently. When friends asked me about my resolutions I shrugged it off, explaining that I’d given up on trying because it was a lost cause. I mean, we all know how crowded the gym is in January …

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