Jul 25

Holy Crap I’m Going to Borneo Next Week! (Wait, where?)

Up until a few months ago, the only thing I could describe about Borneo was head hunters. It was the ultimate example of somewhere totally remote and exotic. Then I overheard someone describing their recent trip to Borneo, and I gasped. Wait, people can actually GO to Borneo?! It was in that very moment that …

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Jul 23

Musings on Turning 28 AKA What Am I Doing With My Life

I recently found myself at work focusing on my job  browsing the interwebs and came across a film critic’s list of great 30 under 30 actors and performers. I scanned the list, and noticed how many shared my age: Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Lena Dunham, Lana Del Rey, Drake,  and Megan Fox are all 28. …

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Jul 16

A Perfect Day at the Boseong Tea Fields

Bolstered by the success of my first Korean road trip, I decided to put Betty White to the test again in a girls weekend getaway to the Boseong Tea Fields. The rolling hills lined neatly with rows upon rows of green tea plants in the Boseong region are a famous destination for tourists and a …

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Jul 10

5 Things That Are STILL Strange About Korea

When I first arrived in Korea last year I wrote about the 12 Little Ways Life is Different in Korea. It’s funny how much can change in a year and the extent to which we accustom ourselves to our environment. These days, I don’t bat an eye at corn on pizza, face masks are the …

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Jul 07

Busan Culture Village: Surprisingly Beautiful

When you think of Korean culture, you probably conjure images of the typical temples and Buddhist shrines. Korea is not known for being particularly artsy, but tucked away throughout the country are pockets of artistry and color that can catch you off guard. When I first heard of the Busan Culture Village, I rolled my …

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Jul 02

Weird Korea: Forced to Fake Vote in a Bamboo Theme Park

On my 25th birthday my (awesome) friends hung posters around my house saying the 25 things they loved about me. Along with phrases like, “She’s the only one I’d go to an Indian buffet and then try on spandex with” (because it really happened), one poster read, “You can meet the strangest people on the …

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Jun 29

The Awesome & Inspiring Person I Met From CouchSurfing

At 2am the doorbell rang. I peered out the window with some trepidation, wondering if this person might be a serial killer, but opened the door for the stranger anyway. In front of me stood a British man with a chipped tooth and a rucksack; we’d never met, but I smiled and invited him in. …

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Jun 22

A Korean Road Trip To Goeje and Namhae Islands

The 5am alarm obliterated my peaceful slumber, and the butterflies immediately fluttered in my stomach. Today was the day! My first Korean road trip. And I was somewhat terrified.   One of my best friends from home was visiting me in Korea for two weeks and I’d promised to give her a tour to some …

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Jun 17

Owning and Driving a Car in Korea: Am I Crazy, Brave, or Stupid?

“I thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first,” my friend confided in me. “I didn’t really think you’d do it!” another exclaimed. To be honest, if someone had told me six months ago that I would own and drive a car in Korea, I would have laughed in their face. Noooooooo way, I …

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Jun 15

Cats and Dresses: Korea’s Weird and Fun Cafes

I feel like I abandoned my baby in the woods and left it to be swallowed up by the vines of hungry vegetation. The baby being my blog, of course, and the forest being the metaphorical great internet abyss. My life has been so insanely busy lately that I sometimes wake up in the morning …

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Apr 09

Hitting the Slopes (and why I will probably never ski again)

Everyone raved about the ski trips in Korea. Having lived in California my whole life I don’t even know how to walk in snow, much less strap large boards to my feet and propel myself forward in snow. But I let my friends persuade me to give it a try and I figured after teaching …

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Apr 02

What I Wish I’d Known When I Was a Student, Now That I’m a Teacher

It’s Friday afternoon. The first week of spring has brought with it sunshine and warm weather, and a gentle breeze ruffles the classroom window shades. Children’s laughter and shouts drift up to me, but I’m more focused on the hushed voice murmuring in the corner. He stands in the library section of my classroom, clutching …

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