Dec 14

Kitties, Kindness, and (Disgusting) Cream Puffs in Kuching

Trekking through the jungles of Bako National Park, Borneo in a constant downpour of tropical rain left me feeling (and looking) like a nearly drowned cat. Although I had loved my two days exploring the rainforest in search of monkeys, I was more than ready to relax and dry out in the nearby town of …

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Dec 08

Confessions of a Single Girl Who Lives Alone

The beautiful thing about moving to Korea was that I could finally have my own place. Let’s face it, even with good jobs right out of college, most of us millennials can’t afford to live without roommates; unless we have a significant other to shack up with, we find ourselves sharing a roof with other …

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Dec 04

What To Expect From a Buddhist Temple Stay in Korea

A foray into Korean culture would not be complete without a Buddhist temple stay. Buddhism, the predominant religion in the ROK, is the basis of many cultural beliefs and values for Koreans and throughout the country you can find hundreds of temples anywhere from the center of an urban city to hidden on rural, mountainous …

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Nov 24

So I Had A Ridiculous Day

To make a nine hour story short, my car broke down at the top of a mountain and everything else that could possibly go wrong afterward did. It was all so unfortunate it was hilarious.   The day started at Beomeosa, a temple up a windy mountain road in Busan. We had stayed the night …

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Nov 21

What a Phone Booth in Panama is Reminding Us

  A few years ago I wandered through the cobblestone streets of the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood in Panama City, Panama. In the midst of gentrification, the area was an eerie juxtaposition of old and new. You could pass by a hipster cafe with a facade painted in vibrant shades of pinks and blues, and …

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Nov 19

The Magical & Mysterious Fairy Caves of Borneo

I’ve never been to a place for which photos do so little justice as the Fairy Caves in Kuching, Borneo.   At some point during the planning of my Borneo trip I came across these caves and, along with the Bako National Park, they became the main reason I flew to Kuching for a few days. …

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Nov 17

Close Encounters at Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Borneo

One of the main reasons I was excited to go to Borneo was to see the famed and endangered orangutans. My wish was granted on my first full day in Borneo after a quick flight from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan and an hour cab ride out into the jungle. Before embarking on our Kinabatangan river …

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Nov 16

Failing and Other Things From My Weekend

Well folks, I went and did it. I blew my 30 day writing challenge. I didn’t post on Friday OR Saturday. GASP! For shame! In my defense, I was busy doing very important real-life things, like getting my hair done to a surprisingly darker-than-requested shade,   having a girlie movie night with a friend during …

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Nov 14

Superstitions on Korean Suneung Test Day

The entire country of Korea came to a halt this morning. Businesses opened late, flights were grounded, high schools closed for the day, and people were encouraged to stay off the roads. Rows of flags lined the streets and emergency personnel stood ready to assist. If you think it sounds like the start of a war …

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Nov 12

It’s Time You Met My Demon

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Percy.   Percy is the demon that lives in my belly.   Percy first moved in with me several years ago. We haven’t gotten along from the very beginning, when he first decided to make my life a living hell. But over the years we seemed to reach an agreement that …

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Nov 12

The Realities of Hiking in Korea

Last weekend I was surprised to find myself hiking 20km up a mountain. I mean, I knew that I would be hiking; what was casually omitted by the friend who planned it was the length of the trail and the severity of the incline. Not that knowing in advance would have changed anything. I still …

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Nov 10

Sh*t My Students Write: Part 3

It’s time for another installment of Sh*t My Students Write!  Last week I had my students write acrostic poems (choose a word and write it vertically, then write a word or sentence horizontally for each letter). Despite the fact that most of my students can barely string a sentence together, they came up with some …

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