Oct 09

A Road Trip to a Remote Land, Goheung Island

I believe in road trips. I believe in pit stops to frolic in flower fields. I believe in hiking to the top of a mountain. I believe in finding the most remote beach possible. I believe in oceanside cooking. I believe in sunset yoga poses.   Last weekend three girlfriends and I decided to get the heck …

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Oct 06

A Goodbye Letter To My Passport

Dear Passport, Do you remember when you arrived almost ten years ago? I was so excited to see you… until I actually saw you. God, you were ugly. Not really all of you, but that photo! What on earth happened to the photo?! I sent in a perfectly decent photo and somehow you came back …

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Sep 27

Adventures in Bako National Park, Borneo

It was my second day of traveling alone in Borneo. I’d spent a few days searching for crocodiles on the Kinabatangan river followed by another four days dodging pirates in Mabul, but those days had been with friends; now, here I was, heading to a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Borneo to …

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Sep 14

Is Mabul Island Safe? Why I Went Where They Told Me Not To

After visiting Mabul Island in August, each person I met throughout Borneo gasped when I told them I had just come from that region. “Isn’t it really dangerous?!” they would cry. Since I had made it out alive, I’d shrug and say it was fine.   I hadn’t been so indifferent a few weeks prior, …

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Sep 05

State of Affairs: An Update on my Life (Sept 2014)

Although I’m overflowing with stories and photos from Borneo that I can’t wait to share with the world, it occurred to me that I haven’t had a personal post in a while to give an update on my life. Oh sure, I went on an incredible vacation, and I’ve been busy having weekend adventures too, …

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Sep 03

10 Things I Learned in My First 10 Days as a “Solo Female Backpacker”

I fought back the tears as I hugged Chelyn goodbye at the airport in Borneo and wished her a safe flight home. Not so much because I would miss her (though I would, of course) but because I now faced 10 days of travel in a third world country– as well as Singapore and peninsular …

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Aug 31

Crocodile Diaries: Adventures On the Kinabatangan River in Borneo

Click click. The buzz of the motor muffled the satisfying click of my shutter as we cruised up the Kinabatangan river. The sun beat down on us from a clear azure sky flanked by wispy clouds in the distance, and reflected pictures in the muddy colored water of the lush green trees along the banks. …

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Aug 25

Jungles, Beaches, Monkeys, and My Epic Trip to Borneo

It’s midnight. Eighteen long hours of travel and I’ve finally arrived, sweaty and exhausted, at the hostel in Borneo. We have five hours until we have to be back to the airport to catch our morning flight. I expect some hugs and giggles when I see my friends, some chatting and catching up before getting …

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Aug 21

The Truth About Boryeong Mud Festival

Somehow I knew about the Boryeong Mud Festival, or more commonly referred to as Mudfest, before I even arrived in Korea. I’m not sure where I first learned of it; it was just the ubiquitous event that all expats in Korea raved about as THE party of the year. So, naturally, when summer rolled around …

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Jul 25

Holy Crap I’m Going to Borneo Next Week! (Wait, where?)

Up until a few months ago, the only thing I could describe about Borneo was head hunters. It was the ultimate example of somewhere totally remote and exotic. Then I overheard someone describing their recent trip to Borneo, and I gasped. Wait, people can actually GO to Borneo?! It was in that very moment that …

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Jul 23

Musings on Turning 28 AKA What Am I Doing With My Life

I recently found myself at work focusing on my job  browsing the interwebs and came across a film critic’s list of great 30 under 30 actors and performers. I scanned the list, and noticed how many shared my age: Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Lena Dunham, Lana Del Rey, Drake,  and Megan Fox are all 28. …

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Jul 16

A Perfect Day at the Boseong Tea Fields

Bolstered by the success of my first Korean road trip, I decided to put Betty White to the test again in a girls weekend getaway to the Boseong Tea Fields. The rolling hills lined neatly with rows upon rows of green tea plants in the Boseong region are a famous destination for tourists and a …

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